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Facilities : Library

KBSS has an integrated library which works as a knowledge resource centre that has a robust database ranging from books, journals, e-journals and various news dailies. KBSS library has over 7000 diverse collections of management books and top management journals (16 International and 31 National journals). KBSS Library also provides access to the research database DELNET (229 Management Journals – both National and International), NPTEL and NDL (National Digital Library) which aid faculty members and students for novel teaching-learning process.

List of Available Resources in Library
1 No. of Volumes 7062(click for details)
2 No. of international Journals subscribed 16(click for details)
3 No. of National Journals subscribed 31(click for details)
4 No. of Magazines subscribed 10(click for details)
5 E – Journal Access 229(click for details)
6 Availability of News Papers 09(click for details)